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Cuves Cycles
This render was done for the role-playing game "Le casse du siècle à la Banque du Temps", that I wrote for Supaero's XXXIInd role-play convention.

Affiche Edsys Affiche de la XXXIII° convention
Poster made for the EDSys conference. Poster made for the XXXIII° Supaero's role playing game convention. I made the background picture and Gautier added the text and sponsors.

Affiche de la XXXIVe convention
Poster made for the XXXIV° Supaero's
role playing game convention.

No comment.

The classic glass test for a photon engine
Blender + LuxRender

prisme prisme
And the whole possibilities of LuxRender...
Blender + LuxRender
Prisme Pink Floyd
And here is what Dark Side of the Moon should look like with all reflexions. But with a non-realistic IOR.

Video made as a request from Naio Technologies

Simulation of the ATV docking the ISS

And here is a Python script I made to merge several pictures (it makes the average). It is very useful for Cycles renders, as one can make several short renders with few samples (and different seeds each time) and then mix them. To use it in bash :
> python inputfiles+ outputfile
inputfiles+ is the list of all the input files. The software recognises regular expressions, for example one can use file*.png to take file001.png and file002.png as input.